Heading for Higher Ground!

State 4: Kentucky - June 22, 2017

Tropical storm Cindy made landfall on the gulf coast yesterday, and Kentucky is forecasted to be right in her path. One of the best things about van life is the freedom of mobility. If we don’t like an area, all we have to do is drive away! Living in a van with 50-70 mph wind gusts and 4-6 inches of rain is not our idea of a good time. In addition, we require sunlight for our solar panels to power our fridge, fan and electronics, and 3 days of no sunlight will cripple out infrastructure. We have no choice but to cut our week long trip of Kentucky short and evacuate the state ASAP. We were going to travel from Louisville through western Kentucky, and then into our 5th State, Missouri. Our new plan is to head north from Louisville into southern Indiana, then into Southern Illinois, and finally into Missouri. We are seriously bummed to have had to cut our time in Kentucky short. Not only are we going to miss the National Quilting Museum, and Lincoln’s birthplace, but the worst part is that we feel as if we did not get to fully explore the state. Safety always comes first! Also we just learned on the news that a 10-year-old boy was just killed in Florida after being hit by debris from storm. We are saddened to hear of a life so young and tragically cut short, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the boy’s family. We will not be blogging until we get to our Missouri On Monday which is our next state.

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