I am nurse and Connecticut native whose passions include: travel, vegetarian cooking, hiking, learning, photography, board games, and playing my acoustic guitar. However, I spend 10% of my time pursuing my passions and the other 90% of my time engaged in activities that drain and exhaust me. For years, I have been living life in a state of existence instead of living a purpose driven life. That changes today! There has to be a better way to live! I look forward to you joining me on this journey!


I am a Medical Practice Manager who works 50+ hours a week. My focus was always having a comfortable life verses a fulfilling one, and I have been mindlessly going through the motions of what society expected of me for years. I find my current life does not match with who I really am at heart: a fun, free spirited, spontaneous traveler who loves the open road, the peacefulness of being in nature, meeting new people and experiencing new places. My bucket list has taken a back seat while I chased a tainted American dream. Join me on my journey to finally live and explore!




I was named "Ramblin' Rose" after the Nat King Cole song by Lori's aunt, but you can call me Rosie. I am a 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster Hightop Converted Cargo Van. I was adopted by Lori and Nathan in March 2017, I am entrusted with the special task of being both their home and transportation as they travel the US for 1 year. I like Lori & Nathan a lot!  They both take good care of me. They bought me new shoes (tires), new eyelashes (windshield wiper blades), and took me to the doctor (mechanic) to ensure I was in tip top shape. So, buckle your seat belts! Hang on tight, this is sure to be one hell of a trip. 



This is the story of our estimated 40,000 mile year long cross country trip across the US in a van. We departed from Connecticut on May 1, 2017, and will spend a minimum of one week in every state. At the end of our trip, we will choose a new state to call home! This blog is not meant to serve as a step by step guide to nomadic life. Cross Country Couple is merely an explanation of the way we chose to do it! We are putting ourselves out there for all of the world to see, in hopes to inspire others to live the life they desire, and to dream big!